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    Simple, beautiful & ad-free. Read the manifesto:

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    The plan was that Diana’s boys would walk behind the coffin with Charles Spencer. There was no plan for the Duke of Edinburgh to do so. But Prince William wasn’t sure, he was a young boy, that he was comfortable with doing that. But Prince Philip encouraged him, he said, you know, in years to come you will be pleased that you did walk behind your mother’s coffin. And still Prince William persisted in not being sure about it and Prince Philip said, ‘Well if I walk too, will that help?’”

    There is a very touching moment when […] there’s a moment when they go through an arch in Horse Guards Parade when they, for a brief moment, are not fully visible to the crowd, and at that moment Prince Philip lent forward and touched the boys to reassure them, to strengthen them at that moment.

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  3. I just supported Prevent Abuse with #SashasArmy on @ThunderclapIt // @R2ff_Film

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Bow River Rapids, Alberta | Canada (by Arnie Rose)
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    oh god this is so good; so, so, good.

    he hits the nail on the head when he says no one would trade lives with him, even though he’s rich, because no matter what position you have in life as a white person, it is always better than existing while Black.

    It doesn’t mean every Black person is living miserably, impoverished or destitute just because they’re Black anymore than it means every white person is rich, healthy and happy. It just means being white will always serve you better than it does to be Black in this society, no matter the intersections of oppression you face.

    Reposting because TRUTH

    Welp! There you have it!

    Chris Rock!!! Bigger and Blacker 

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    So I totally met Amanda Palmer today. What a rush that was, she did a secret appearance at Powell’s Books, asked people to grab stuff off the shelves for her to sign (I grabbed The Divine Comedy), then ended it with an impromptu version of “Play Your Ukelele” outside of the book store on a fans Ukelele. Might I also add that all of this happened without Powell’s Books even knowing?


    powell’s deserves a giant round of applause for accommodating our weirdness.

    even though they are known for being a huge, crazy-cool portland bookstore, how they dealt with this could have been way different.

    I did stop by the store about an hour before doing this and tip off the girl working at the desk in the blue (poetry) room that there might be a little silent gathering of people and not to be alarmed.

    doing ninja things like this can be hard to balance. they’re not SUPPOSED to be official or organized, but I also never want to be disrespectful in any space, or irritate people going about their average workday, or piss anybody off in general.

    all told, there may have been a few grumpy powell’s customers wondering why the poetry section was so crowded, but I think we probably karimically made up for it with the fact that about 60 people bought (mostly poetry!) books in powell’s that day who hadn’t been planning to.

    any lesser bookstore probably would have kicked us out promptly. powell’s just sent a handful of extra employees to make sure the scene was under control…and they let us be.

    pretty awesome.

    thank you, powell’s.

    and for good measure, here’s their website. go buy a book.


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    anonymous asked: I’m white. My friend is black. I was at his house, and he brought over two other black guys. They started talking about how different white and black people are, making jokes about it and etc. Am I even allowed to say anything in that situation without sounding racist?

    Listen, dogg, you can try, but you’re probably going to fail. As an alternative, you could try being cool about that shit?

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Hiking in the Sawtooth Wilderness near Stanley, Idaho. clarito-the-burrito


    Hiking in the Sawtooth Wilderness near Stanley, Idaho. clarito-the-burrito